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Luxury real estate agents provide specialized marketing networks to attract potential luxury home buyers and find discerning buyers a home they want.

Often, selling a luxury property takes much longer than a standard one. These homes have price points upward of $1–2 million, sometimes much more, and that price tag means a smaller buyer pool.

That’s why it’s smart to find a luxury real estate agent who can help you find the right buyer or seller faster. The agent should have a special niche market of luxury buyers to pull from, the American Dream Team has got you covered!

What is a luxury real estate agent?

Luxury realtors tend to specialize in selling high-value homes in desirable locations. They also have networks of prospective buyers in the market for homes valued above $1 million with high-end amenities. These connections empower luxury sellers to close faster and at lucrative prices. 



Many luxury homes are in gated communities, competitive school districts, or exotic locales (such as waterfront properties). They may have also been built using high-end construction or materials. Think: Calacatta marble countertops, or an independent power grid. However, what’s considered a “luxury” or “high-end” home depends on the local market — it doesn’t always come down to price. For example, a million-dollar house may be considered luxury in some areas but fairly standard in others, like California.


High-end real estate agents differ from traditional agents mainly in how they value and market luxury properties. Like all realtors, they create a comparative market analysis (CMA) report for their clients. They also provide specialized marketing services, which usually include but are not limited to:

  • High-end or aerial photography
  • Engaging, well-produced videos
  • 3D virtual tours for an immersive experience
  • Distinctive listing descriptions that highlight the property’s key features
  • Excellent reputations with high-end client networks

While any real estate agent can buy or sell luxury properties, realtors can obtain certifications to enhance their skills and prove their expertise; especially when it comes to negotiations.

Do I have a luxury home? How much does a luxury realtor cost?

Listing agents usually charge 5-6% of the sales price of the home and split that
with buyer’s agents. Buyers typically don’t pay out of pocket for a realtor.

That said, some luxury real estate agents will accept a lower commission rate because they’ll still earn a high commission on higher-priced properties.

Rates may also differ depending on various factors, such as the nature of the market, the home’s location, and the realtor’s experience and services. Generally speaking, if you’re selling, you could negotiate a lower rate in markets with strong buyer demand and low inventory of luxury homes.

Where to find luxury real estate agents

You have found one right here! I am thrilled to help you get started on your luxury home selling or buying journey.


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