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Lots and Land

So you’re thinking about building your dream home. Awesome! Finding that perfect spot to let your imagination come to life in the form of the perfect home for you and your family is an exciting endeavor, to say the least.


The first and best piece of advice: Don't go it alone. Whether you’re buying a house or buying land, doing so without an agent can be incredibly difficult, so find a good one before you get started. In addition, you can benefit even more from working with a qualified land real estate agent or a real estate agent who specializes primarily in land transactions.


What Is A Land Real Estate Agent?

A “land real estate agent” or “land agent” is someone who has clear and defined specialized expertise when it comes to helping clients acquire land to build on as opposed to a traditional already-built single-family home. They often refer to themselves as “land specialists” or “land consultants” as well.


Some are agents and some are brokers, so it is important to know the difference between an agent and a broker going in. Specialized land real estate agents help potential buyers locate and compare land properties that suit their specific needs. Furthermore, the specializations can get even more specific, as there are agents that only handle horse-friendly properties, industrial-use land, waterfront properties, and so on.


Land real estate agents can help with a plethora of factors regarding specific plots of land including:

  • Property type
  • Location
  • Price range
  • Zoning depends on intended use (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.).

Do I Need A Real Estate Agent Or REALTORⓇ To Buy Land?

You are legally allowed to buy land yourself, but you are likely going to require the expertise of a land broker or REALTORⓇ who specializes in land sales to find and purchase the right property for your needs. Those needs can vary greatly, but some common ones are:




Now, let’s look at why a land real estate agent could be helpful in purchasing the following property types:



  • Vacant land: Understanding why it has sat vacant and how that might affect price.
  • Rural land: Water and sewage options like well and septic or municipal hookups.
  • Farmland: Zoning restrictions re: agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, etc.
  • Residential lots: Comparing the value of lots with and without homes on them.


Benefits Of Working With A Land Agent Or REALTOR®

Working with a land agent instead of a general real estate agent, or no agent at all, offers considerable benefits no matter what your land needs are. Here's why. 

Familiar With the Local Land Market

Land brokers are experts in the land market locally and may have access to different properties that aren't even on the market yet, also known as pocket listings.

Expertise In Municipal Regulations

The complexities of purchasing vacant land are plenty. This can include water hookups, septic systems, building codes, property lines and environmental and zoning regulations. Land real estate agents are pros in assisting you when navigating these issues.

Can Save You Money

Let’s get down to brass tax. Land real estate agents use their unique expertise to save you cash. Here are two key ways they do it.



  • Land REALTORS® will provide extra support in negotiating transactions with sellers, making sure you don't overpay.


  • Land REALTORS® can help you identify a mortgage lender to fit your land-purchasing and property-building needs.

The Bottom Line: Find Your Dream Property With A Land Real Estate Agent

Land buyers will ultimately benefit from working with a land real estate agent for a plethora of reasons. They can save you time, money, pain, and suffering when compared to trying to do it on your own. The process is incredibly complicated, and possible pitfalls abound, but like all challenges, the rewards can be substantial.


After all, there are few things better than finding that perfect plot to plan the next chapter of your home life. Most of all, never stop researching and educating yourself on what to look for when buying land to build a house.


Doing the research to find the right land real estate professional is going to save you headaches and money down the road during the land-purchasing process.